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Veuve Scarron - "Deal With It" Compact Disc

Veuve Scarron - "Deal With It" Compact Disc

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Compact Disc version. Edition of 100.

Get ready for another total banger from Forbidden Place! Veuve Scarron have delivered a fist pounding debut guaranteed to blow your cheap speakers all to hell. Noisy and loud and at the same time beautiful. The album cover is also gorgeous. Stay tuned for shirts and a physical release this fall!


Summer 2021, in the Parisian suburbs, Matt finds a guitar and launches his solo project, noise, rock'n'roll, wild and garage, the ex-screamo singer (Cathedraal - Madame de Montespan - Wuizit) offers a first 9-track LP aggressive, dancing, screaming in despair on noisy riffs.

The project will come to life with live line-up: Guitar x2 / Bass / Drums.

Artwork by Pablo Goodwin
Eric Mendez - Guitar solo on Rough On Rats
Alix Godineau - Bass on Natalie Wood
Sébastien Collet - Guitar solo on Mac Saucer
Jean Pierre Pelletier - Guitar solo on Peace Of Cake
Eric Mendez - Bass on So Sorry
All other stuff by Matthieu 'MORORA' Pelletier

Mixed and masterised by Clément Delachenal @Burning Studio ( 77- Cesson - France )


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