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HECKEL & JECKEL "This is War" Compact Disc

HECKEL & JECKEL "This is War" Compact Disc

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Compact disc edition of "This is War". 18 copies available! European Import. Digipack.

HECKEL & JECKEL is a French rock group,
based in the forest of the Landes in
Southwestern France. Founded in 2018, the
group consists of singer-songwriter-guitarist
Heckel, and drummer&backing vocalist JECKEL.
Their second album, 'This is War! came out in
January 2021 after 6 EPs and their first album,
In the crows we trust in 2019. Masked during
their live performances, the two crows
progress through a heavy grunge/stoner/punk
universe, in which they speak out against the
falsehood and hypocrisy of a society on the
verge of collapse...

Listen: HECKEL & JECKEL "This is War" | Forbidden Place Records (


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