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Poney - "Pagan Nouveau" Random Color Vinyl LP

Poney - "Pagan Nouveau" Random Color Vinyl LP

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Tight pounding drums, melodic guitars, and barbarian vocals. Poney will get stuck on the turn table for weeks. Angry music delivered in a beautiful way.

Mixed Random Color Vinyl. All records will be unique. So you should probably order 2!

First 100 Orders Come with limited edition DVD of Official Full Length Album Movie!
Visuals by Derrick Edmonston


Chelsea Mayton
Jordan Koch-Engstrom
Anthony Moraga
Hilary Davis
Claire Warhus
Randall Jay
Alex Ross
Ben Brooks
Samuel Brooks
Dan Felhaber

Vinyl Limited edition of 250.

Heavy as fuck!

Listen here:

Poney - "Pagan Nouveau" | Forbidden Place Records (

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