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Molefunken - "Fade Into Bolivian" Compact Disc

Molefunken - "Fade Into Bolivian" Compact Disc

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MOLEFUNKEN - Fade Into Bolivian! 

Noise rock goes POP!

Pee-Wee Herman joins the Addams Family to cover Rush at the garbage dump.

Recorded while life was falling apart and everything was turning to shit after several years of a steady shit diet, comes a collection of songs with tales of loneliness, despair, freaks, geeks, bad luck, wrong life choices, death, losers, weird afflictions and disease, nostalgia, human tragedy and…PIZZA!

The genre bending MOLEFUNKENS debut
was written, played, recorded and produced by Little-Gard of Norways now defunct noise rock veterans Succuba, and mastered by Kramer (Butthole Surfers, Ween, The Fugs, Bongwater, Shockabilly, Shimmy disc)
Another zinger of a release from USA’s Forbidden Place Records.

An album like no other.
Recorded in a little apartment behind Our Saviours Cemetery, Oslo in November 2022 and mastered in Noise Miami by Kramer

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