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Melt - "The Secret Teaching of Sorrow" Compact Disc

Melt - "The Secret Teaching of Sorrow" Compact Disc

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Pro CD-R. Edition of 100.
Melt is rooted in the power of metal and inspired by the tenderness and melancholia of the soul.

We originally started as a duo when Charlotte and I met on October 2007. In chaos and crave we've created the first demos of Melt: a powerful and personal rock, finding its full emotional potential on stage.

Guitar, composition: Olivier
Singing: Charlotte
Bass: Jux
Drums: Roméo

Mixed, mastered and edited at MySound Studio with Florent Charles from November 2019 to May 2020.
Drums and vocals recorded at DismalSound Studio during Summer 2019.
Guitars and bass recorded at Lambda Studio & MySound Studio (Toulouse) during Fall 2019.

Listen here:

Melt - "The Secret Teaching of Sorrow" | Forbidden Place Records (


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