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LáGoon - "Maa Kali Trip" Compact Disc

LáGoon - "Maa Kali Trip" Compact Disc

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2 piece freak unit LáGoon return with an album sure to please punks, metal heads, weirdos and everyone in between. Their darkest album yet. A new savage punk sound that is raw and unfiltered. Anthony Gaglia sounds like an escaped lunatic at certain points, as he howls into the microphone. I mean this is the best possible way of course. All the while Brady Maurer pounds a brutal assault on his drum kit of doom. A fully realized album just in time for the end of the world.

The new future is bleak but, far from over. Rock and Roll is far from dead, it's just been re-interpreted by a doomed generation. A great album for that party this weekend in the cemetery. So sit back, relax and watch the world decay.

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LáGoon - "Maa Kali Trip" | Forbidden Place Records (


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