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JARS - "ДЖРС II / JARS II" Compact Disc

JARS - "ДЖРС II / JARS II" Compact Disc

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JARS II was recorded between December 2017 and March 2018 at DTH Studios, Moscow.

Recorded and mixed by Andrey Letchik
Mastered by Nikolay Lobanov

Guest vox and lyrics in "Swiss Army Knife-Man" - Vasya Ogonek (Kick Chill).
Guest vox in "Killed" - Nikita Rozin (EEVA)
Sax in "Any Resemblance Is Coincidental" - Anton Ponomarev (Brom)

FORGERY was recorded in November 2018 at Nitrojam REC in Moscow region, and during winter and spring months in Moscow and St. Petersburg basements and apartments.

Recorded by Nikita Kuznetsov, Artem Lobyntsev
, Vova Sedykh
Mixed by Georgiy Pinchuk
Mastered by Nikolay Lobanov

Makulatura are Evgeny Alekhin and Konstantin Speransky
Guest vox in "Empire" - Artem Lobyntsev (Zarnitsa)

Pogo Records (Belgium/France) and Forbidden Place Records (USA) team up to bring you JARS - "JRS II" on compact disc for the first time in the United States.
Limited edition 6 panel digipack that includes the "ПОДЛОГ".E.P.
These are very rare and collectible albums. They will go quick and only half will remain in the United States.

European friends please go here to save on shipping costs.:

These guys are amazing people that help us out, and move our products all over the world.
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Listen: JARS - "ДЖРС II / JARS II" | JARS | Forbidden Place Records (


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