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FLYING DISK - "URGENCY" (2023 Remixed & Remastered) Purple Vinyl LP

FLYING DISK - "URGENCY" (2023 Remixed & Remastered) Purple Vinyl LP

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Limited edition of 200. Hand numbered.
Remixed in spring 2023 by Francesco Martinat at Ciabòt Recordings in Cuneo, Italy
Remastered in summer 2023 by Jonathan Nuñez at Sound Artillery Studio in Miami, Florida (USA)

The Italian future brings us Flying Disk, the true sound of new noise. The theme of the modern apocalypse has been written. Get ready to venture beyond the stratosphere with this forward thinking album. A literal sonic punch in the jaw for the unknowing. For fans of Jawbox, Fugazi, Rival Schools, Quicksand, Cani Sciorri, Dischord records. Get yours today or pay $$$ later. Essential.

Flying Disk:
Simone Calvo / Gutars & Vocals
Enrico Reineri / Drums
Luca Mauro / Bass

Listen: (Remix)

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