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Flying Disk - "In The Heart Of The City" Vinyl LP

Flying Disk - "In The Heart Of The City" Vinyl LP

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1 Sided 140 gr Marbled Orange and Black Vinyl

"Heavy rock since 2010, from noise to stoner rock, with 00’s vibes, from a place out of nowhere, sharing their own perspective".
“»In The Heart Of The City« is the summary of what we experience every day for better or for worse. This EP, consisting of 4 tracks, is the soundtrack to evenings spent outside until dawn with many thoughts and without a penny in our pocket. It is the story of those who do not go on vacation and keep wandering around their city, working for a better future. It is the result of an adolescence spent in a province that does not offer you opportunities, where the only source of hope is music, the one made by friends who, laughing and joking, still hope to make it out from there.”

Recorded and mixed in 2022 by Francesco Martinat and Joo Bany at Ciabòt Recording in Cuneo, Italy.
Mastered by Johnatan Nunèz (Torche) at Soundartillery Studio Miami, USA.

Flying Disk is:
Simone Calvo – Gutars & Vocals
Enrico Reineri – Drums
Francesco Martinat – Bass


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