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Cani Sciorri - "Atletica '75" Vinyl LP

Cani Sciorri - "Atletica '75" Vinyl LP

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European import. Pressed on classic black vinyl. Limited edition.

“Almost a record a year” is the record Atletica 75 suddenly breaks, needing more work and calm while maintaining the band’s urgency to compose new songs and the animal instinct that Cani Sciorri is known for since many years.

The last two works were recorded in the United States, this time instead it was home-made but with the help of Dave Curran, Unsane’s bassist, who brought out the best of the band, mixing everything with a disarming power!

Recorded by Dave Curran at Ciabot Recordings. (CN)
Mixed and mastered by Dave Curran at Trai Studio, Inzago, IT.
Studio assistant: Francesco Martinat.
Cover photo: Carlo Cerrato in the race, author unknown.
Back cover and insert photo: Francesco Pala.
Layout: Stefano Manzi

Cani Sciorri:
Alessandro Cerrato: Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bass*
Marco Giaccardi: Bass, Guitar*
Daniel Daquino: Drums

Kevin Whitley: Lyrics and Vocals Track 2, SideB
*Track 5, SideA
Andrè, Nina and Mamma Roxy: backing vocals Track 4, SideB

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