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Las Historias - "S/T" Compact Disc

Las Historias - "S/T" Compact Disc

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Pro CD-R in a limited-edition digipack. Limited to 100 copies.

From Córdoba, Argentina "Las Historias" is a young Power-Trio, finally the long waited s/t debut album will be released via Electric Valley Records/ Forbidden Place Records 2021.
In 2015 Tomas was participating in several projects, experimenting and developing in various instruments. During the following years, taking advantage of the experience left by those old projects, he began to look for his own sound and a new direction.
In this Heavy Psych Doom masterpiece the band points out to you different influences, from the funeral riffs of Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard, to the guitars of Jimi Hendrix and the psychedelia of the 60s rock.
This album will drag you into a world of different sensations, it's not just music, it's an experience!

For fans of: Mephistofeles, Electric Wizard and Black Sabbath

Artwork by WOM

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