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Dark Shaman - "Evil Ceremony" Compact Disc

Dark Shaman - "Evil Ceremony" Compact Disc

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Released by Stoner's Dealer Records in Mexico City. Distributed by FPR in North America.

Creeped out doom from the Italian underground. Heavy jams for Satan's funeral. Light it up and burn it down.

Dark Shaman is a Stoner/Doom Psych Rock trio from Sicily, Italy. A music project born from the mind of Seby Carrubba. Vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. His brother Dario plays bass and a friend, Alberto, on the drums. With a vast catalog the three rockers give life to the tracks rehearsing many hours a day. The group give an esoteric dark doom style to the songs, in relation with the Rock influences of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Mephistofeles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and more.

Dark Shaman are:

Seby - guitar, vocals, songwriter
Dario - bass
Alberto - drums

Recorded and mixed by Valerio Zappulla at MK studios in Floridia (Siracusa), Sicily, Italy


Listen: Dark Shaman - "Evil Ceremony" | Forbidden Place Records (

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